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The welding guns with integrated extraction developed by ENGMAR provide efficient welding fume capturing at the source for most MIG/ MAG processes.

Torches aspirantes Engmar

Our complete range of air and water cooled extraction torches for MIG/MAG welding (150 to 500 A) removes welding fumes and gases from the welder’s breathing zone and prevents the fumes from entering the general workshop atmosphere. Different nozzle types and torch necks in combination with a very flexible torch assembly give ENGMAR extraction welding guns excellent ergonomic and efficiency – even in case of intensive welding or difficult access. The standard torch head angles (according to the torch model) are 30°, 45°, 50° and 60°; standard lengths* are 3 m, 4 m et 5 m, other lengths are available on request. Different extraction nozzles are available. They allow to adapt the welding torch to the individual volume of welding fumes as well as to the individual geometry of the welding parts.

The range of extraction welding torches by ENGMAR

AIR Cooling

SL 250

SL 350

SL 380

SL 400

SL 200





WATER Cooling

SRM 250

SRM 350

SRM 380

SRM 400