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The slit nozzle allows an effective capture by keeping polluants away from operators’ respiratory tracts. It is particularly effective in the case of TIG, MIG or electrode welding fumes. Each slit nozzle can be directly connected to a supply hose with fan on a complete network extraction.

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Technical Features

• Aluminium production
• RAL black 9005 finish
• Several nozzle sizes available (see table of availble nozzles).


Produit Avantages

• Extraction on the entire width of the slit nozzle with a distance of up to 500 mm depending on the application and the type of process implemented
• Easy integration on any support or suction arm thanks to its reduced weight <3 kg
• 360° rotation that allows a more comfortable adjustment
• Less handling compared to a conventional hood
• The positioning behind the workstation allows a better visibility
• Foreign object retention grid
• Extraction cut-off by valve
• Optimized acoustic and aeraulic characteristics