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Welding subsidy for French Company

Welding subsidy for French Company

Welders are confronted with the risk of occupational diseases due to the inhalation of welding fumes and handling.

In order to prevent risks and protect the health of operators, national organisations have set up a subsidy to help French companies to invest in welding fume solutions and handling equipment.


What are the conditions for receiving the subsidy?

Your company must:

- Have between 1 and 49 employees

- Be a member of the Social Security system and be up to date with its contributions

- Be affiliated to an occupational health service

- Have an updated single risk assessment document

- Inform the staff's representative institutions of the assistance being provided

- Send your application before 30 September 2022 and have made your reservations before 30 June 2022.


The amount of financial aid

- A maximum of €25,000

- Up to 50% of the investment (excluding VAT) for the main welding fume extraction equipment


ENGMAR's welding fume extraction and treatment equipment fully complies with the standards made mandatory by the CARSAT.

The ENGMAR team follows its customers at each stage of the file to assist them in this process.