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Innovation award

From april 7th to 10 2015, the tradefair INDUSTRIE exhibited the latest industrial innovations at Lyon/ France. Since 2002, the Innovation awards reward the best innovations in the four categories "Environment", "Ergonomics", 'Productivity" and "Technology". 14 out of 148 innovations were finally nominated for the Innovation awards.

The extraction slit nozzles CBS of ENGMAR were nominated for Environment category. They are based on an innovative technology that creates an air gap above the emission zone, allowing the extraction of welding fumes on the opposite direction of the welders’ respiratory tract. Compared to conventional extraction nozzles, the extraction zone is greatly enlarged allowing an installation of the slit nozzle further from the emission point. Thus, the welding zone is kept clear which improves visibility and ergonomics for the welder. Furthermore, the air flow needed to ensure extraction is reduced by two compared to conventional extraction nozzles. The loss of heated air is reduced significantly – which results in lower heating needs and therefore lower heating charges. This not only means lower environmental impact but also less congestion caused by the installation, as dimensions of the extraction nozzles, ductworks and exhaust devices are reduced as well.